OER Toolkit

Getting OER initiatives started, or keeping momentum for OER initiatives going, can be challenging. With that in mind, we’ve designed an OER Toolkit to help campus partners set and achieve OER Goals across these domains:

  • Professional development and networking (Connect)
  • Planning and hosting events (Invite)
  • Information sharing / OER adoption and creation (Create)
  • Taking inventory of the current OER landscape on your campus (Assess)
  • Bringing additional campus stakeholders into the work of OER (Partner).

The OER Toolkit is intended to be used in any order or combination – jump in and get started! Also available in a download & print version

ConnectAttend an ALPA-sponsored event or webinar https://www.affordablelearningpa.org/get-involved/events/
Join an ALPA Working Grouphttps://www.affordablelearningpa.org/get-involved/alpa-working-group/
InviteHost an OER informational sessionOEN Slides
OEN Adapted slides, CCP 2021
Create promotional materials
Need help getting started? Contact an OER Specialist
Network with facultyAttend a department meeting and present OER in 15 minutes
CreateProvide a go-to resource hub on your campus
Support publishing on your campusSign up for an Open Education Network consortial membership to access their community hub by emailing support@palci.org

View an ALPA Webinar: Textbook Remix: An Introduction to LibreTexts for OER Editing, April 20, 2021

Sign up for a Creative Commons certificate course
AssessReview data about textbook costsRead Nagle, C. and Vitez, K. Fixing the Broken Textbook Market, 3rd Ed. U.S. PIRG Education Fund. February 2021.
(See the responses from PA schools here)

Student survey from Gettysburg: Appedu, Sarah; Elmquist, Mary; and Wertzberger, Janelle, “Using a Student Textbook Survey to Advance an OER Initiative” (2020).
Get to know faculty and OER use on your campusSurvey faculty – view and reuse a survey intended for PA institutions
PartnerTalk to faculty to identify your early adoptersReview these ALPA Campus Partner session materials for having productive conversations with faculty

Prepare for conversations with faculty by reviewing SPARC’s OER Mythbusting guide
Get students involvedIdentify a student group or student government contact to meet with. Share a copy of the Open Textbook Alliance’s Student Government Toolkit for making textbooks affordable.

Check out the Student Perspectives on Open and Affordable Education session from the ALPA Summit 2020