Open Education Network Membership

The Open Education Network (formerly Open Textbook Network) is an alliance of more than 1200 institutions working together to advance open education, locally and nationally.

  • ALPA holds a Consortial Membership in the OEN, which allows all participating institutions access to OEN membership benefits at a consortial level
  • Any eligible ALPA institution that would like direct access to the OEN’s tools and services has the option to join the OEN at a discounted rate as an Allied Member
  • For more details on the distinct benefits of Allied Institutions, please see the Membership Benefits Table.
  • Sign up by May 6 for an Allied Membership in the Open Education Network

What is allied membership in the Open Education Network?

Allied institutions are part of an existing OEN member system or consortia. These institutions can join the OEN and enjoy the same benefits as OEN institutional members for a fraction of the cost: $551 (normally $1654).

OEN membership offers 1) programmatic, 2) financial and 3) collective benefits so that higher education institutions can develop sustainable open educational practices to support student success. They enjoy direct access to the OEN’s full suite of professional development and programmatic support. For more information about membership and its value, please visit

If you’re interested in pursuing allied membership, please use this short form to sign up through  May 6. Select PALCI/ALPA as your consortium partner–all institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania are welcome to participate through ALPA (not only members of PALCI).